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How to use a map?

Having opened a map, it is necessary to increase it. It can be made in three ways:

  1. Having put an arrow on a map to twist from itself a roller of a mousy.
  2. To move a toddler on the right (to a sign +)
  3. To press on +, being on the right side of a toddler.

To move a map it is possible in three ways:

  1. The Elementary method - to use a red sign on a small map. At its moving, the map moves.
  2. Having put an arrow on a map, having pressed the left key of a mousy, moving an arrow - we shall move a map.
  3. The Map has an opportunity of a centering. If to establish an arrow on any point of a map and twice to press the left key of a mousy, this point will move to the center of a window.

On a map is available explanations of designations of symbols. By pressing record of  "Designation" - the window in which it is possible to see value of each symbol opens.

The red blinking point near to the name of city hides the link to a map of city.

The arms of city or area hides the link of his official site on the Internet

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